ER Research

The World Wide Web is fantastic.  I’m trying to write the fourth chapter of AFTER ALL (as per request) and since John Lloyd was supposed to be brought to the hospital I needed to have a feel of what it would be like to be waiting in the ER.  I couldn’t very well go to one just to write a couple of paragraphs about it.  So what could be the next best option?  Go to the internet!  Really, your laptop could be a great companion.  I almost felt I was actually in the hospital (minus a patient of course).  I would be going back there to look for more ambient help.  😀


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One response to “ER Research

  1. ashjackie

    aba naman! yan ang totoong writer..research kung research! hehe..

    basta i really love your works! thank you so much for sharing!! it’s one of my super fave baldik stories=)

    hoping to read mooooooooooorrrreeee…

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