AFTER ALL (Final Chapter)

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The phone kept on ringing.

“Ano ba, nasaan na kaya yun?” Sarah said with gritted teeth, sitting in her dressing room, getting worried by the minute as the home phone remained unanswered.  She specifically reminded him not to move around too much and to keep his mobile phone constantly at hand so that both of them could reach each other if the need arises.  She tried his number first before calling this landline but nobody, not even Manang Belen, picked up any of the phones.  Her stomach roiled with new fears as she suddenly imagined him lying somewhere broken beyond repair.

“Hello?” John Lloyd answered distractedly, panting a little.

“John Lloyd Cruz,” she said angrily, “sabi ko sa’yo huwag mong bibitiwan yung cellfone mo eh,” she sobbed in anger, tears suddenly gathering in her eyes.

Yesterday, after coming home from her ASAP rehearsals, she found him in their bed wearing a body wrap.  They told her he slipped in the bathroom while taking a bath and that they had to call his doctor in to look at him.  She has stopped helping him bathe ever since he started doing it on his own a few weeks back; her busy schedule not permitting her to do so.  So, last night, she informed him she will not come to ASAP today so that she could take care of him personally.  He said no.  He didn’t want her to disappoint her fans, reminding her that they’re expecting her there.  He also told her that it’s her last birthday performance for this year and that she could take a break afterwards if she wanted to.  She couldn’t be deterred even by that, only giving in when he promised he will keep his phone constantly beside him.

“Oo nga, Beh, sorry na, nasa banyo kasi ako e…,” he paused when he heard her sniffling, “umiiyak ka ba?”


“Sarah?” he asked again.

“Ikaw kasi eh,” she sobbed,”sabi ko sa’yo sagutin mo kaagad eh.”

“Eh, nasa banyo nga ako,” he reassured gently.  He saw her expression last night when she saw him in bed incapacitated.  Her exhaustion and the surprise she received coming home from work have made her a little paranoid.  It took a lot to convince her to leave his side this morning and appear in ASAP.  He knew he has to pay for all the times that he gave her the scare of losing him.  He plans to do just that—even if it takes him forever to erase all those bad memories.

Now he is making her cry again.

“Huwag ka na umiyak, please,” he begged her, his heart twisting with love for her.

“Uuwi na lang ako,” she answered stubbornly.

“Ok naman ako eh.  ‘Pag umuwi ka, ako ang pupunta diyan, sige ka,” he dared her.  “Magagalit sa’yo yung mga fans mo tapos mag-aalala sila—gusto mo ba yun?” he again appealed to her conscience.

“Hindi ka kasi tumutupad sa usapan eh,” she complained.

“Heto na nga oh, sinasabit ko na sa leeg ko itong celfone,” he promised.

“Tsk, sige na nga,” she said begrudgingly, smiling a little at his joke, agreeing finally.  He could always convince her to do anything, and she has accepted that fact without a fight.  “Love you Beh, and please, please, please take care.”

“I love you too veeeery much,” he said with great exaggeration.

“Hmp, basta dyan lang phone mo sa tabi mo,” she demanded.

“Opo ma’am,” he again promised.


She was in the middle of listening to her song “Forever’s Not Enough” when someone suddenly knocked on her dressing room.  Looking around, she only realized that the room was empty.  She stood up and looked curiously outside, wondering where her mother and her stylist might be.

“Uy, Sir Rajo,” she exclaimed, surprised by his presence there.  Looking behind him, she saw a couple of girls, who she assumes to be his assistants, carrying something bulky.  “Bakit po?”

“Sarah,” he said hurriedly, pressing his cheek onto hers as he walked inside the room, telling his assistants to bring in the wrapped package.  “Dala ko na yung damit mo para sa birthday mo.”

“Ay opo,” she muttered, feeling a little lost all of a sudden.  “Wala pa po si mommy eh.”

“Oo, nakausap ko na siya sa labas.  Nakita na niya itong gown mo.  Susunod na raw siya,” he assured her.  “Tapos na raw ba yung make-up and hair mo?”

“Opo, kanina pa po”

“Good.  Kailangan mo nang mabihisan,” he said, looking harried by the amount of work he has to do.

Watching the girls unwrap the gown, she was unexpectedly stunned when the dress was brought to her.

“Wow!  Grabe…,” she squeaked in wonder.

“Thank you.  Para talaga ito sa’yo,” he said proudly.  “Pero we don’t have any more time, kailangan nating bilisan,” as he turned to his assistants to give them instructions.

After that, everything went by in a blur, not giving her time to think about anybody or anything.  There were some minor repairs done to the gown.  She suspected it was because she gained a few pounds.  She blames John Lloyd for it, of course.  Whenever he feels happy, he has the compulsion to buy her things, and since he couldn’t go outside yet, he just buys her food through the internet.  She doesn’t have the heart to say no to him when he was all smiles when he presents her with them, so she just gives in to him and eats up everything he offers her—from ice cream, to chocolates, to candies—admittedly not anything she was allowed to eat before.

She took three deep breaths, trying to calm herself as she stands behind the stage.  She doesn’t know why but she feels as if her heart wants to pop out of her chest.  It would be her turn soon and she has yet to see her mother.  If not for Mr. Rajo Laurel helping her, she doesn’t know how else she could’ve managed on her own.  She wanted to call her husband but her phone was confiscated from her earlier when Sir Rajo saw her looking at it.  She wasn’t able to complain, feeling only like a little girl being reprimanded by her teacher.

She finally heard the audience clap and the ASAP OBB come in signaling her to prepare for her turn in the program.  Sir Rajo gave her a last once over and then nodded, whispering a “good luck” to her as he pressed his cheek to hers before leaving.  Hearing the first few bars of her song, she glanced around the unusually empty backstage.

She didn’t hear the people gasp when she, at last, walked in the stage.  As always, she was so focused on the task at hand, oblivious to whatever’s happening around her.  She looks stunning in her ivory white, strapless gown of heavily pleated metallic taffeta cloth simply adorned by a studded embellishment of real diamonds in her side waist.

Thinking of her one true love, she raised her microphone and started to sing.

If I would have to live my life again
I’d stay in love with you the way I’ve been
Your love is something no one ever can replace
I can’t imagine life with someone else

She heard the audience clap loudly before she was able to finish the first part of her song, the same time she felt someone touch her arm.  When she turned around, she saw her dad with her mom standing at his side, both smiling at her with glistening eyes.  Her father was wearing a black suit while her mom was wearing a pale gold satin gown.  Surprised, she stopped singing altogether but the music went on as her parents kissed her on each cheek.  From the corner of her eye she saw someone step on the left part of the stage and when she turned towards it, she was shocked to see Ms. Regine Velasquez in a pale gold sequined gown holding a microphone, smiling at her with great affection.

The music suddenly stopped and the crowd became wild, shouting and clapping their hands in cheer, the whole studio vibrating with uncontrollable excitement.  Getting confused by the minute, she felt her dad pull her to the center of the stage and turn her towards the right—and there she saw him slowly walking towards her, smiling with only love written in his eyes.  Her John Lloyd Cruz.

Her eyes looked at the approaching figure with love and adoration, searching his face for any sign of pain.  For her, he simply glows in his white suit, her personal knight in shining armor.  Noticing only how straight he walks, knowing that he should be limping from all battle that they’ve been through together.  She couldn’t explain how much she loves this man but she finds comfort in one thing, he alone knew how much—and that’s all that matters.

The music started again as Ms. Regine now sings for the couple standing in the middle of the stage.

If I would have to live my life again
I’d stay in love with you the way I’ve been
Your love is something no one ever can replace
I can’t imagine life with someone else

Sarah naturally flowed into John Lloyd’s arms when he finally reached her side, raising her arms around his neck, embracing him tightly.  Putting her lips close to his ears, she whispered to him.  “Ito na ba yun?” she asked tearfully.

I promise, I will share my life with you
Forever may not be enough it’s true
My heart is filled with so much love I feel for you
No words can say how much I love you so

As answer, he stepped back from her, grasped her left hand and slid in her finger the gold ring that she has kept hidden in her bag.  Handing her the other ring, John Lloyd allowed her to slip it in his.

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you
I’d spend another lifetime, baby, if you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

Simultaneously, they turned to the screen at the back as compiled videos of them started playing on it—Sarah dancing with John Lloyd on his birthday, the two of them dancing, the two of them singing to each other, some spiels that they’ve done together—all showcasing the feelings that they’ve been trying to hide from the public.

They say tomorrow seems so far away,
And now we see that everything can change
My love for you gets stronger as tomorrow comes
I know this love will stand in the test of time

 Turning to face her once more, he stepped closer to her and grasped her face, filling her senses with his presence.  Stepping closer to him as well, she placed her arms around his waist and leaned in, as he finally bent his head and kissed her.

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you
I’d spend another lifetime baby if you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

For you, there’s nothing I can do
And never will I ever go
Forever’s not enough to love you so
But if forever ends one day
I’ll promise you I’ll stay
To show you that my love for you will never end…

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you
I’d spend another lifetime baby if you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

The crowd’s applause was deafening, their cheers resounding in celebration for the two hearts that have finally found each other.


 I have found power in the mysteries of thought, exaltation in the changing of the Muses … I have been versed in the reasonings of men but Fate is stronger than anything I have known.

– Euripides


Note:  The gown I described here was not made by Mr. Laurel but it actually came from the bridal collection of a Maggie Sottero.


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