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This site has been visited by a, to put it lightly, “strange” guy who left “strange” comments in my inbox. It’s comforting to know that after leaving the bullies in the classroom, and bullies in the office or just plain bullies–men or women who join together to make the life of a person miserable for lack of something to do or just to show dominance or simply to send a message that they are better than you, there is a world out there sicker than what you’ve yet seen or experienced.

“What?” you may ask, “are you equating bullying with criminal tendencies?”Well, if the shoe fits. 😀

My message for today is a little bit angsty (believe me it’s a word) I know, but very well put. Our world is full of bullies—from presidents declaring war over a much smaller country, a boss putting pressure on a subordinate, a neighbor gathering other neighbors to “kuyog” another, a classmate telling her friends to make fun of a very quiet girl (or boy) sitting in the corner of the classroom for fun, etc, etc, etc. I am sure you could add to my list.

What’s my point?

Well, it just raises my hackles up when I see it happen.  Most people think it’s harmless to do a little bit of bullying on someone and even do it as a hobby or a vocation—well it’s not. Children who grow up thinking it is become presidents who steal from his/her people and/or who annihilate an entire race as a whim. We have to acknowledge that it is wrong and we must never encourage it in our children.

So the next time you feel like being a bully for a day, just remember the names of Hitler, Stalin, Attila the Hun, and Voldemort.

“Kuha mo?” (Galit ka ‘teh?)


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