Sorry for the delay of the second part of this story–was just a little busy.  I’ve already finished half of it and I hope I could post it tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks again for your comments.  They were actually the ones pushing me to open my laptop and finish the story 😀


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2 responses to “Thanks

  1. Salamat po ate 🙂

    Nakakamiss talaga sila and I am hoping the stories would relieve us somehow from missing them too much.

    This is for them and for us as well.

  2. YANCYT2

    go!go!go!ms G really admire you for your dedication in writing.talagang it push us baldiks na maniwala sa destiny.waaaaaahhhh!Binubuhay mo ang katawang baldik ko everytime binabasa ko ang story mo.keep it going ms g!aja!aja!

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