If I Were You

If I were you, I wouldn’t be here
If I were you I would stay right where you are
I wouldn’t come near this broken heart
Just turn around and leave here
And find someone who won’t hurt you
Make sure that she still believes in love
Cuz I think my heart has given up
If I were you, I wouldn’t be here
Ooh yeah

I think this other song is so much like the song above.

Wish I could be the one
The one who could give you love
The kind of love you really need
Wish I could say to you
That I’ll always stay with you
But baby that’s not me
You need someone willing to give their heart and soul to you
Promise you forever, baby that’s something I can’t do
Oh I could say that I’ll be all you need
But that would be a lie
I know I’d only hurt you
I know I’d only make you cry
I’m not the one you’re needing
I love you, goodbye

I think only a grown up would be able to say these things.  Sometimes the right thing to do is never the easiest.

Oh I don’t wanna leave you
Baby it tears me up inside
But I’ll never be the one you’re needing
I love you, goodbye.

I can only equate heartbreak with amputation.  You will eventually heal, the wounds will close up and you will be able to function again, but you will always be reminded that the limb is no longer there.  There will be times that you think that you’re all okay, and that you did the right thing but the phantom pains will disabuse you of that false comfort you are trying to tell yourself.

So what should a person do after a heartbreak?  The answer–live!


Phantom pain involves the sensation of pain in a part of the body that has been removed.


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