The Voice

I’ve been watching The Voice and I really loved everything about it.  I think it’s way better than American Idol because it doesn’t make fun of people but rather reinforces the importance of real talent.

The judges are to be commended too.  They were both witty and candid and the lightness that they bring to the show doesn’t discount the fact that they knew what they were talking about and that they’re passionate about their own crafts.  I think I’ve fallen in love with Cristina Aguillera here.  I’ve always known that she’s nice, but not this nice.  Her image is somewhat too overpowering sometimes but the way she handled herself with the contestants and co-judges were classy and delightfully sweet.

I was also very much taken with the contestants.  My favorite was Xenia.  I loved her voice and the passion she exuded when she performed.  First time I saw her face I knew she was an old soul.

Whoever thought of this new reality tv series has probably become impatient with how talent shows are being conducted nowadays–the same way I have been.  This is a very suitable segue to the great disappointment I’ve seen in Pilipinas Got Talent.  I cannot bear to watch how the judges tried to pick the best person to win the contest.  We have such an ocean of raw talents here and they’ve decided to pick a man with a woman’s voice to win the money.  But what can you expect?  The judges were AiAi and Kris A.  The televiewers would have benefited more if the host, Billy Crawford, who was an international star, was assigned as one of the judges instead of becoming a glorified usher in the sidelines.  It was shameful.  We have so many talented artists here who would’ve done a lot better as judges than the ones they’ve placed there.  More often than not, they use their emotions instead of using their eyes and ears to choose the best person.  I didn’t say it’s wrong to be compassionate but it has its place.  You would give a terrible disservice if you let someone win over another because you pity them.  Maybe that’s why nobody good is joining anymore.  If compassion would be your main guide in selecting the right candidate then they should change the title to “Pilipinas is Nakaka-awa.”  Ang mananalo ay yung pinakanakakaawa sa lahat.

I’m so sorry for being so blunt.  It’s my country, too.  I guess that’s one of the reasons why artists from our country needed to be recognized outside first before they are accepted here and local artists in the Philippines think they haven’t made it yet not unless foreign people accept them.  Ms. Aquino and Ms. de las Alas have they’re own talents I am sure, but I don’t think being judges for a talent contest is one of them.  A thousand others would’ve been more suitable to do the judging.

Please don’t hate me for my honest opinion.


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