Disclaimer: All stories that you see in my fanfiction tab are just that–fiction. All events happening in these works are fictitious and are in no way meant to imply actual facts about the people portrayed. Any resemblance to real occurrences, past or present, is purely coincidental.



The widest ocean
I have crossed over
No boat did I row
But love to carry me
I have been ever in constant motion
I have been finding you eternally


“Sino yan?” he asked cautiously.

He has just sat down by the stairwell about to open the sandwich and bottled water he bought from 7eleven when he heard a shuffling at the upper part of the stairs past the landing, right above where he was sitting.

“May tao po ba?” he asked again when someone suddenly sneezed in the dark.

“M-meron ppo,” answered a small, quivery voice coming from the dark.

It sounded like a kid, maybe a girl.  He was not surprised to find out that a child is in the area since this is a tv studio where lots of children, accompanied by their mothers, are scattered all over the place racing for plum parts.  Auditions have been going-on for more than a week now and he’s gotten used to seeing girls—even boys, walking around in weird costumes and heavy make-up.  But what was she doing there in the dark?

Worried, he looked around for a light switch and flicked it on, bringing light to the dimly lit stairway.  He picked up his backpack from the floor and hurriedly went up the stairs.

And there she was, a small thin girl, sitting on the dusty steps, looking forlorn and dejected.  She was impatiently pushing her wet bangs away from her face as she tried to rub clean her tear-filled eyes and runny nose with her bare hand.  All of a sudden there was an unfamiliar ache in his heart and it made him feel uncomfortable.

“Ako pala si Idan,” he gently introduced himself to the little girl, offering his hand, not wanting to frighten her with any sudden movement.  He didn’t have any idea how to do it, but he intended to wipe away the sadness he can see on her face.

Momentarily distracted from her misery, she lifted her gaze from the floor, curious to see the face behind the weird name.  Seeing his hand extended towards her, she cautiously took it in her small hand but dropped it soon after when she saw his face.  She should’ve known.  A good looking boy catching her in her ugliest moment—so what else is new?  She wanted to bawl her eyes out again but she could still feel his eyes on her.  He should’ve left her alone when he saw that she was crying.  What does he want anyway?

“Anong pangalan mo?” he asked determinedly.  He could easily read her body language.  She wanted him gone.  It’s good that she doesn’t know him, otherwise, if she knew how persistent he could be when he’s decided on something, she would’ve left him by now.

“Sarah po,” she answered resignedly, not looking at him.

“Bakit mo ko pino-po eh pareho lang tayong bata.  Ilang taon ka na ba?” he asked, amused.

“Eight po.”

He chuckled at her conscious disregard of his previous statement.  He casually walked to where she was sitting, sat down beside her and opened his backpack.  He intently searched in his bag, riffling through his things until he found what he was looking for.

“Heto oh,” he offered, extending a white face towel towards her.  “Malinis yan…hindi ko pa nagamit.  Basang basa ka kasi…baka magkasakit ka,” he added, worry clothing his voice.  “Galit nga din ako sa ulan,” he said conversationally when she took the towel from his hand, frowningly watching her punily wipe her head and face with it.

“Hindi ako galit sa ulan,” she softly said, returning the towel to him.

“Ano?” he asked distractedly, wiping the remaining moisture from her arms himself, frowning at her slight figure still dripping with rain water.

“Sabi ko hindi ako galit sa ulan,” she repeated, impatiently pushing his arm away when he started wiping her face anew.  “Paborito ko nga ang ulan eh,” she added, smiling now, remembering how she and her sisters go behind her mom’s back just to play under the pouring rain.

“Heto pa o, magpalit ka ng damit kahit pangtaas mo lang,” he firmly ordered her, putting a blue t-shirt on her lap.  “Bago din yan, bigay sa amin sa loob.  O, huwag mo nang ibabalik.  Pag-nagkasakit ka kasalanan ko pa.”

“Salamat po.”  She accepted the t-shirt embarrassedly, although grateful for it, she didn’t want him to think she’s used to receiving handouts.

“Saan ba ang nanay mo?  Bakit mag-isa ka dito?” he asked her quietly, seeing resignation come back on her face.

“Nag-audition kasi ako eh,” she started to explain but tears suddenly spilled from her eyes again, stopping her from further explaining her situation.

Unable to bear to see her in anymore torment, he slid closer to her and gathered her in his arms.  She cried quietly, her sniffing and shaking were the only evidence of her troubled heart.

After a few minutes, he finally let her go when she made some movement of straightening up.

“Salamat po ulit Kuya I-idan,” she mumbled in the t-shirt he gave her.

“Pwede mo na ba ikwento ulit?” he requested from her gently.

“Kasi po…”

“Tumingin ka naman sa akin pag-kinakausap mo ako,” he rebuked her tenderly, wanting to raise her hackles a little bit to waylay any more sadness that might distract her again.

“Nag-audition po kasi ako dito nung isang lingo tapos natanggap ako kaso may dumating daw na anak ng artista kaya sabi sa akin audition na lang daw ako ulit sa iba.”

“Kaya ka ba umiiyak?” he asked, frowning, trying to understand what made her so miserable.

“Hindi lang yun,” she mumbled, looking down at the floor once more, but in shame this time.  “Narinig ko kasi binubulong nung isang nanay patungkol sa akin na, ‘pangit kasi kaya hindi natanggap.’”

He impulsively took her chin and pulled her face near his eyes to make a pseudo-inspection on her sad face.  “Hindi naman ah,” he said playfully, giving her a big handsome grin.

She shook his hand off, getting angry at his flippant attitude towards her complaint.  “Bahala ka kung ayaw mo maniwala,” she gritted her annoyance at him irritatedly.

He laughed out loud at the anger she was displaying.  She’s really a cute kid.  “Hindi ka nga pangit.  Kung ayaw mong maniwala, ikaw ang bahala.  Pero ang tanong ko sayo eh, maganda ba yung nanay na nagsabi na pangit ka?”

She lifted her eyes and looked him straight in the eyes and gave him the brightest and most beautiful smile he’s ever seen.  She shook her head and started to produce a delightful sound, beginning to laugh heart out right in front of him.  He couldn’t help it, he laughed along with her.

“Sabi ko sa’yo hindi ka pangit eh.  Ayan oh, may dimples ka pala,” he pointed out, putting a finger on the depression on her right cheek.

“Salamat ulit Kuya Idan ha, dahil pinatawa mo ako,” she said smilingly at him.

“Eh ikaw lang eh, nagpapaniwala ka dun sa mga sinasabi nila.  Pag may nagsabi ulit sayo na pangit ka, isipin mo, ‘sabi ni Idan maganda ako.’  Ok?”

“Sige na nga po,” she answered shyly but still smiling.

“Ano bang talent ang i-pinakita mo sa kanila?” he asked, not wanting to end their lighthearted conversation.

Her eyes suddenly twinkled in excitement.  “Kumakanta at sumasayaw ako,” she said proudly.

“Sige nga, sample nga,” he teased her, not really expecting her to perform for him.

He was surprised when she suddenly straightened up and stood right in front of him.

“Alam po ba ninyo yung Billy Jean?”

“Michael Jackson?”

“Opo, paborito ko po kasi sya eh,” she explained, smiling at him.  “Ang kakantahin ko po ay Billie Jean.”

She Was More Like A Beauty Queen From A Movie Scene
I Said Don’t Mind, But What Do You Mean I Am The One
Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round
She Said I Am The One Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

She danced and sang the entire song, performing for him passionately and unreservedly.  To say that he was shocked was an understatement.  It was like looking at a different girl altogether.  He couldn’t help it but he stood up and clapped noisily when her performance finally ended.  The shy little girl was back again in front of him, her hesitant smile, secured steadily on her lips.

“Ang galing mo.  Grabe ang galing mo…wala akong masabi.  Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit hindi ka nila kinuha.”  He was filled with an emotion he cannot understand or articulate right at that moment.  What he only knows is that he’s angry at the unfairness of it all.

“Hayaan niyo na po sila.  Si Lord na ang bahala sa akin, basta gagawin ko na lang lahat ng makakaya ko,” she exclaimed, her performance giving her new energy to fight again.

He didn’t know he was staring at her.  He envies her…her positivity, her feistiness, her awareness of what she wants, and her willingness to fight for it.

“Bakit po?” she asked, beginning to feel self-conscious of his continued stare.

“Naiinggit kasi ako sa’yo,” he explained bemusedly.  He has to remind himself that she is just eight years old.  “Kasi alam mo ang gusto mo.”

“Bakit ikaw, ano ba ang gusto mo?” she asked back, still in the dark about him.

“Gusto kong maging pilot,” he confessed, “pero hindi pwede eh.  Kailangan kong tulungan ang pamilya ko.”

“Bakit anong nangyari?”

“Nagkaproblema kasi dun sa business ng dad ko, kaya kailangan maghanap ako ng paraan para matulungan sya,” he smiled wryly.

“Dito sa studio?  Ano naman ang talent mo?”

“Artista, acting,” he murmured, embarrassed.

“Sa palagay ko mas sasaya ka kung tutulungan mo ang pamilya mo.  Ganyan din kasi ang ginagawa ko kaya rin ako pumunta dito.  Kaya nga kahit mahirap tinitiis ko rin.  Ikaw siguro mas kaya mo kaya nga huwag ka na mag-isip pa, gawin mo na,” she chuckled again.

He’s finding out he’s quite helpless when she smiles.  He’s afraid that if she asks him to jump from this building he would do it willingly.

“Hay naku, sige na nga, sabi mo eh.”  Suddenly he felt his stomach rumble.  He remembered he hasn’t eaten his lunch yet.  “Kumain ka na ba?” he asked offhandedly, opening his bag again.

She suddenly turned serious and moved as if she was about to leave.  “Eh, paalis na rin ako eh,” she evaded, not answering the question.

He looked at her again, frowning at her evasiveness and suddenly realized why.  “’Di bale.  Hati na lang tayo dito.  Bawal tumanggi sa grasya ha.”

She was twisting her hands together in front of her, agitated and discomfited at the same time.  Then, finally, sighing in acquiescence, she sat down beside him and reached for her half of the sandwich.

“Saan ba mommy mo?  Hindi mo ako sinasagot.” He was asking her again.

She nibbled at her bread, wondering if she should tell him.

“Kanina pa tayo nag-uusap, nahihiya ka pa rin?” he stated, taking a big bite from his food.

“Naghanap kasi sya ng pera, manghihiram daw muna.  Akala kasi namin mag-shu-shooting na kami eh.”

“Hmmm.  Ganun din ang problema namin, malaki nahiram ni Papa kaya dami dapat bayaran,” he revealed to her, shrugging his shoulders.

She nodded, finally eating her food heartily.  She’s feeling a deep sense of affinity with this boy she has just met…a familiarity—a feeling of finally being home.

“Heto pa oh, tubig.  Mauna ka na uminom, tirahan mo na lang ako.”

She received the opened bottle and took a few hearty gulps before giving it back to him, enjoying the silent camaraderie they were having.

“Sarah?” she heard her mother’s faint voice from a distance.  She hesitantly looked at Idan, not wanting to leave him there alone when he just shared his food with her.

“Yun na ang mommy ko,” she informed him.

He smiled at her reassuringly.  “Magkikita pa naman din tayo.  Pareho tayo sisikat.”

She laughed at his temerity, thinking how ridiculous he is.  “Opo, naniniwala po ako sa inyo.  Basta pareho nating mamahalin ang pamilya natin.”

“Opo, prinsesa,” he answered her statement with a bow.

She laughed at his teasing and was about to go down the stairs when a great impulse made her go back.  She pulled him down to her and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Salamat po dito, Kuya Idan,” she said, raising the blue shirt she was clutching, before she ran down the steps and out of the building.

He looked around him helplessly, feeling as if he lost something vital.  “Sarah, ang munting prinsesa,” he mumbled to himself, smiling at his own foolishness.   He picked up his bag and carried it out with him, feeling somehow different and more purposeful right at that very moment.  He will be an actor, a great one…and no one will say otherwise…just because he made a promise to a little girl that they will be popular together.

Grinning, he raised his face to the now pouring rain, loving how it covered him quickly from head to toe, filling his soul with a sense freedom never felt before.


Did I not Love you
Before this life time
Did you not hear
My music in your soul
Did I not need you
Beyond forever
And now I’ll leave you
Not forever more


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