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It says here that this was written by Nins.  I’ve been looking for the author of this beautiful piece of writing but I guess Nins would have to do.  I got this from the front page of SARAH GERONIMO, Philippines’ Concert & Pop Princess[52]-“RomCom Movies Royalty…” in PEX.  I find it very, very nice and enlightening–humbling too.

We also have something like this in the Ashlloyd Mansion entitled the same way and I wanted to compare both but, erm, I guess you have to find it out for yourself.  It’s also on the front page of our PEX Mansion.

I am sorry Nins but I think nobody reads what you wrote anymore.  I have become so disheartened by the words being thrown at each other  by supposed loyal fans (I don’t know if they’re fans of themselves or the artist they profess to adore) these past few days.  What was quite disturbing is that they all have one common denominator, that is love for Ms. Geronimo.

It’s sad how a lot of people have lost their knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong, having fun playing on both sides of the spectrum, willingly going back and forth between good and evil.  I guess it’s their prerogative and right to choose whatever they want with their lives but, I am sure, it should not be at the expense of others.

Being a fan is great.  I’ve been enjoying myself for the past couple of months meeting really nice people who have the same,–probably  greater passion than I do.  I’m not talking about them.  It’s not because I’m biased or anything but I’ve spent so many hours talking with them to know if they were just putting me on.  I, too, enjoy moments of showing partiality for or against another artist…but only up to a certain limit.

I am not talking about those fans who send death threats to other artists who they see as threats to the person they treat as their own personal gods and especially not those fans who their supposed idol would threaten other people with to keep other artists who dare come near them in line.  I leave them to the psychiatrists who are better equipped to know what was going on in their minds and are able to treat them when needed.

I am talking about those people who use God to cover for their self worship.  I talk about those fans who spew hatred at other people and claim to have God’s protection on them the next.  I talk about those fans who are claiming they are someone they are not.  For example, if I claim to be a Noranian (since she’s in the news nowadays we will use her) and then I bash at the fans who wanted Christopher de Leon for her but give partiality to Pip’s fans.  That’s not being a Noranian is it?  Isn’t it better to encourage them to come and spend their well earned money on the artist you both favor?  Both the value of your money is equal isn’t it and both your money would further the career of who you support.

I am a Baldik and there’s no doubt about it and since I do love Sarah so much, I would keep my strong opinions to myself and support other partnerships instead and maybe someday win them over to my side, not by angry words (you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar) but with polite arguments and persuasive discussions.  We are not, after all, barbarians who need brute strength to express our preferences–at least I am not.

I do encourage you to read this wonderful write up and reflect on it.  I think this comes from a heart of a person who really cares for the person she’s supporting.  Afterward tell me if you don’t think she is actually making sense–surely a person of wisdom.


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