The Greatest Love 최고의 사랑 (Korean Drama)

If you’re into Korean Dramas you would want to watch Korea’s Best Mini-series of 2011 “The Greatest Love”.  I had a 3-day DVD marathon (which was rare btw) just watching the romantic comedy and I can say I had a lot of fun watching it.  It only has 16 episodes although each episode takes more than an hour.

The lead actress, Gong Hyo Jin, is very popular in Korea and I’ve seen her in a couple of kdramas as well and I’ve loved her in them.  I don’t think she’s that popular here since she doesn’t have the typical beauty that viewers here really like but I’ve always been a fan of hers.  The lead actor, Cha Seung Won, was very funny in the mini-series, aside from the obvious fact that he’s quite gorgeous.  He came from action movies and had a successful leap to romantic comedies.

I also loved the script and the story.  The pacing was good (wasn’t boring at all) and it maintained the emotion from start to finish (consistent).  The entire experience was very nice and it left me feeling happy and satisfied.  I think ending the story is the great weakness of korean dramas.  The writers usually don’t know how to put a good ending to their dramas (like “Lovers in Paris”, et al) but this one managed to wrap everything up quite well.


Ae Jung was once the most popular member of girl band The National Treasure Girls.  However 10 years ago the band broke up and she received most of the blame.  Despite her warm personality her career has suffered ever since and she now spends her time fighting for air time on variety shows.

Dokko Jin is a top movie star at the height of his career.  The two meet and become involved in each other’s careers. 

Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but agrees to make a dating show.

Dokko Jin helps get Ae Jung a role on a new reality show called Couple Making.  Pil Joo is the bachelor being set up on Couple Making.  Both men fall for Ae Jung both off and on the screen.


Writers Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, aka the “Hong Sisters,”[5] are known for their witty lines in dramas such as Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang (2005), My Girl (2005), Fantasy Couple (2006), Hong Gil Dong (2008), You’re Beautiful (2009) and My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010). According to Director Park Hong-kyun (who previously helmed Queen Seondeok), the Hong Sisters’ adeptness at character comedy is how The Greatest Love hopes to differentiate itself from other trendy dramas airing on Korean television in Spring 2011. Though the drama draws from gossip people hear about celebrities, Cha said during the drama’s press conference that he also wants to show a bright, healthy side of the entertainment scene in Korea. He admitted that entertainers do hide behind their image due to their job. “However, this drama will show they are just genuine people off-camera,” Cha said. Yoon added that, “The script is very realistic, giving a fun sneak peek into what is going on behind the scenes.”[2]

Cha has described his comedic acting as technical while his co-star Gong’s is more naturalistic and reactive. They believe they struck a good balance between their two acting styles, which benefited the drama greatly.[6][7]

[from With S2, Wikipedia]

Here’s a sneak peek of the drama:

***I just heard that this series will be shown in ch.7.   Hmmn.  I really don’t like watching anything translated into Filipino and sometimes even in English too.  I’d rather hear the actual voices as I read the subs.  Some nuances just get lost in translation so I think its better to use subtitles anytime.


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