It’s April First!

Happy April Fools’ Day!

It is usually celebrated by playing tricks, jokes or pranks on clueless individuals to extract some laughs and lighten an otherwise monotonous day.

The earliest recorded practical joke done on the first of April is found in the Canterbury Tale during the time of Chaucer in 1392.  Goes to show that we never really outgrow the kid in us that love to experiment on people’s reactions, admittedly preying on their weaknesses, using their unawareness  just to generate a few chuckles and hopefully even outright roars of  laughter.  Believe me, quite exhilarating especially if you’re the one playing jokes.

I’ve been known to create a few, quite successful ones, if I may say so myself, and nothing beats the rush that comes over you when you get the reaction you’ve been hoping for. 😀

Now I’ve collected a few YT vids to share with you.  If you have a weak heart better not watch any of them.

Enjoy but be careful not to fall victim yourselves though!

and finally a really long one.

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