Buti pa si Superman at si Wonder Woman

I found this so funny…

Superman, Wonder Woman kiss in new Justice League issue

August 28, 2012 10:14am

Here’s big news for comics buffs: Superman and Wonder Woman now appear to be the comics world’s ultimate power couple—and they have the compatible dating profiles to show for it.
After letting fans peek into the two superheroes’ relationship, publisher DC Comics and dating site Match.com released their dating profiles.
Last Aug. 22, Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive cover of Justice League #12, with Superman and Wonder Woman locked in a tight embrace and smooching. The comic goes on sale Aug. 29.
“This is the new status quo,” EW quoted writer Geoff Johns as saying about the relationship.
Match.com’s chief scientific advisor Dr. Helen Fisher said Superman and Wonder Woman are a “classic match,” as a very high testosterone male and a very high estrogen female.
Fisher said they also have many cultural and biological traits that will fuel their romance, noting people also tend to fall in love with those of the same background.
“Although Superman comes from a different planet, while Wonder Woman harks from an isolated island, both are aliens to our modern world. More important, Superman and Wonder Woman share the same values and goals:
They are both dedicated to truth and justice and both fight evil to save the good—traits shared by both the high testosterone and high estrogen type. Lastly, both value independence,” she said.
Fisher said Superman has an acute sense of justice and fairness, traits linked with the testosterone system in the brain.
She said his “heroic altruism” or willingness to confront severe danger to save a stranger is linked with elevated levels of testosterone.
As for Wonder Woman, Fisher said she exudes qualities built by estrogen—compassionate and nurturing, and seeking peace and harmony.
“Wonder Woman has these elevated estrogen qualities– but she’s no doormat. She is highly independent, like many women. Moreover, with her social skills, she can be cunning. And she will fight. It is this genuine warrior spirit within a beautiful, tenderhearted woman that makes her the embodiment of all high estrogen women–and a mystifying creature to most men,” Fisher said.
As for the first kiss between the two superheroes, Fisher said a great first kiss can be thrilling and trigger feelings of intense romantic love, due to the way the brain responds to novelty.
“If their first kiss is novel and exciting, it might push Superman and Wonder Woman over the threshold toward falling in love,” she said.
But she said the first kiss can also be dangerous because “as you kiss, you can see your partner clearly, as well as smell, taste, hear and feel them. Instantly these messages from your senses provide vivid data about the other person’s health and their state of mind–whether they are rough and impatient or tender and calm.”

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