Ser Chief ni Maya

Haha. Be Careful With My Heart.

I confess, it’s another one of my guilty pleasures.  I admit I didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon but, I promise, once caught I couldn’t quite shake the addiction off.  Yes, it became an addiction.

Good thing there is such a thing as iWantv :D.   Seriously though, you should go to iWantv and catch up on the episodes that you missed.  It would help if you subscribe to either one of the following:

SKY Cable, SKY Broadband, Bayan DSL or Bayan Broadband

If you do, just put in your account number and you’d become an Elite or Premium member which means you’d be able to access most, if not all, the past episodes of ABS-CBN’s programs.

What can I say about this Rom-com series?  Well, what’s not to like?  I am quite impressed with the roster of good actors in the show.  Even the smallest roles are represented with quite a fine and believable thespians.  From Abby’s bad teacher, to her psychiatrist, and even the drunk neighbor…all were played well.  I couldn’t say they were absolutely perfect but past were the days when they put in teeth-gritting extras who were obviously unprepared for the role they were given.  Who should we thank?  I believe the director/s play a big part in it.  Kudos to Mervyn B. Brondial and Jeffrey R. Jeturian.  I also would like to thank Nika Layson, Jimuel Dela Cruz, and Dexter Hemedez, writers of the show.

Now on the actors.  Well…I’ve fallen in love with every single one of them.  I adore Richard Yap and his tandem with Jodi Sta. Maria.  Somehow their chemistry works.  The episode yesterday left me squirming in trepidation when Sir Chief caught Maya kissing his picture on her cellphone.  That goes to show, even after months of showing, it is still able to bring you to different levels of emotions.  Even the children are quite charming and their familial relations has become believable.  Luke [Jerome Ponce] and Nikki [Janella Salvador] and Abby [Mutya Orquia] have become my favorites, as well as Doris[Rosario “Tart” Carlos], Sabel [Vivieka Vivieka] and Joma [Micah Muñoz].  I promise, I was really scared when Doris came home from vacation wearing all black.  I couldn’t quite reconcile the funny and the scary together.  That was totally unexpected.

I have to mention Liza, played by Kalila Aguilos, for being Sir Chief’s very classy secretary; Simon [Paul Jake Castillo] who is heart-breakingly in love with Maya but you couldn’t seem to hate because you somehow know how it is to love and be rejected by the one you love so you cheer him on his dedication;  and Divina Valencia for being a surprisingly lovable lola that, every time she is shown on camera, you can’t help but love her more.  Kute’s [Aiza Seguerra] predicament with Jeff [Tom Rodriguez] is also a nice touch to the whole story of serendipitous love.  Sylvia Sanchez and Gloria Sevilla, both very fine actors who I feel are too big for the roles they were given but somehow, quite uncharacteristically,  complete the perfect ensemble of the show.

I wish the directors and writers wouldn’t deviate from what they’ve already started.  Producers are known to interfere to good writing and directing.  I hope that won’t happen here.  Korean novellas are notoriously known for bad endings.  All their stories start out magnificently only to give you a quite forgettable, eye-rolling and predictable ending.  Here in the Philippines, 80% of tele-dramas end-up with someone getting kidnapped, rescued and then, at the ending, the loveteam getting married.  Sounding familiar anyone?  If you don’t believe me, try to remember past dramas of the station.  I swear Sarah G’s IDOL and Judy Ann’s Habang May Buhay ended that way.

If this story also gets someone kidnapped then that person gets saved, and eventually follow the same path as the other stories that went before, we all should simultaneously wear black and grieve the death of the directors’ and writers’ creativity.  For once, I want to be surprised.

I do hope they would show a longer air time on Maya and Sir Chief’s relationship when they finally come together and not just a spattering of filling in the blanks at the end of the series.  I am sure all of them will not regret a good, thought of, well-done ending.  I’ll bet this would have a global recognition that way. 😀

Haha.  Just saying.



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2 responses to “Ser Chief ni Maya

  1. hannah

    I have this BCWMH Syndrome since I started seeing this soap and I so love Maya and Ser Chief and hoping for more projects together and exactly BCWMH movie w/the original cast next year..

    • I so understand what your saying. Had a mild panic attack when I saw ABS_CBN’s “Liwanag ng Pasko” and saw the other cast members of BCWMH with new shows on the station. It suddenly dawned on me that BCWMH will end July of 2013 (I heard). 😥 What to do then? Even Ser Chief is going to get a new show.

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