It Takes A Man and a Woman: teaser

Just couldn’t wait for the third installment of Sarah and John Lloyd’s movie together.

I know we’ve been disappointed so many times and we’ve been promised with so many things more times than we could count or remember, but, I think, there is no use believing in something if we are not determined to see it through till the end.

And it is happening! The title is “It Takes A Man and A Woman” and they said that it’s gonna be shown on March [2013 I hope]. Sounds promising. And if we’re going to judge the movie by what we’ve seen in the trailer, we know that it will be another box office phenomenon.

Let us just keep our fingers crossed [haha]. Sabi nga nila, “bawal ang usog.” Lawayan na ang pwedeng lawayan so that we could finally watch Laida and Sir Miggy back on the big screen.

Just love the Baldiks for keeping the faith and holding on.

Here’s to us who didn’t falter but instead zealously kept the faith burning even when the wind of disappointment kept blowing our way.


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January 11, 2013 · 5:38 am

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