Be Careful With My Heart #1: ENLIGHTENMENT

Disclaimer:  Nothing about the show is mine.  22 minutes of watching Be Careful With My Heart is way too short so I figured I needed to write a fanfic to fill the waiting in between epis.  Ser Chief and Maya’s relationship is just too interesting to pass up. 😀


“That’s all Lisa.  Just call Mr. San Diego and set-up another meeting.  We need to finalize our contract with him ASAP.”

“Ok po, Sir Richard.” Lisa said standing up, jotting down the instructions in her logbook as she walked back to her seat, automatically buckling herself in for the remaining hours of their flight back to Manila.

With still a couple of hours to kill, Sir Richard leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes, helplessly going back to that problem that has been plaguing his mind lately.


He doesn’t know why he was having these anxious thoughts regarding her leaving but nevertheless the apprehension is there.  A replacement has actually been found and was, in fact, already under his employ for the last three days being trained by Maya and will be under her guidance for yet another two weeks.

Then why is there still a sense of dread bothering his thoughts?  Unconsciously rubbing the part of his chest where he felt anxiety making its presence known, he sighed tiredly to himself.  This emotion seems familiar, eerily reminiscent of something he couldn’t put his finger on.  It’s something from his past.  He didn’t want to visit that memory but he knew he has to if it would mean getting back that elusive peace of mind.

Thoughts of his wife unexpectedly came rushing back bringing confusion in its wake.

Why is he remembering her?  She’s nothing like Maya.   She’s sweet, soft-spoken, and gentle…so unlike Maya in every way.  So why was his problem about Maya bringing back memories of his wife?

All of a sudden light dawned on him, weakening him with fear.

Abandonment.  He feels he’s being abandoned yet again.

It’s illogical, he knew, when he felt betrayed by his wife’s death.  It wasn’t her fault.  She didn’t plan on dying and leaving him with three children to raise on his own.  But knowing that doesn’t diminish the fact that he is still alone and is expected to do a task made for two.

He was expecting bitterness to overcome him again—but none came.  He could remember being angry all the time, detached from his children, getting quieter as it became clearer that his wife was never coming back.  He was surprised to realize that he has finally forgiven his wife for leaving him.  He’s not angry anymore.  Anger was his only refuge from pain and he held onto it as if his life depended on it.  But that was before…

Before Maya.

He knew he didn’t have any right to feel abandoned.  Maya accomplished her part of the contract, even that part about her leaving.  She was right, they did agree that she could leave when Abby’s better and that she’d be allowed to become a flight attendant.  But it’s no longer only about Abby.  The intention has shifted and the person who can’t speak is a different individual altogether.  This time he knew he should prepare a better contract she would sign.

She doesn’t know it but somehow she saved them.  She filled their boring existence with life, turned all of their sadness into laughter and taught them to trust in the unwavering power of love and to continue to trust it even if it hurts.

Gradually the tightness in his chest began to ease and he willingly gave in to the smile that usually comes whenever he thinks of Maya.  He knows now what to do.  He couldn’t allow her to leave without her knowing what he feels about her.  He needs her.  He knew that if she leaves him, he would be lost.  Without him knowing it and without his permission, she crept into his heart and made her home there.

The plane unexpectedly dipped and lurched forward, abruptly pulling him out of his reverie.  The seat-belt sign turned on and the voice of the pilot can now be heard over the rapid inrush of wind and rain.  He turned his attention to the sky outside and only noticed then the dark thunderstorm looming over them.

When the airplane jerked more violently this time he knew immediately that this flight wouldn’t end well.  The images of his children started flashing in his mind’s eye, Luke first, then Nikki and finally Abby.  He’s remembering how happy he had been when they were first placed into his waiting arms and how he has been made continuously in awe as he watched them blossom into good and loving young people.

They are expecting him home right now and it would be so terrible to disappoint them once again.  He’s been doing that a lot lately.  He has not seen them for a week and he couldn’t fathom now why he stayed away that long when he could’ve gone home three days ago.  It’s him again refusing to face reality.  They told him they’ve already found a new yaya for Abby and he didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that Maya has no more reason to stay.

Maya’s face now lingers in his mind.  There’s no more time for prevarication.  He’s willing to admit it even in this circumstance.  How he wanted to tell her how much he’s come to love her and how much he adores her quirky ways.  Now he would never be able to tell her that.  At least, she wouldn’t be given the chance to break his heart if she still decides to leave and eventually choose another.

That was the last thought that flitted in his mind before the lights flickered and died and the nose of the aircraft immediately pointed south, plunging the small broken plane in the dark turbulent sea.



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3 responses to “Be Careful With My Heart #1: ENLIGHTENMENT

  1. scentoflavander

    Nice story. Sana masundan… thanks in advance.

  2. nana

    wow it’s nice hope you write more of these 🙂

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