In Anticipation of ITAMAAW

“It Takes a Man and a Woman”

Sobrang lapit na!  I can almost taste it.

Yes it’s true, Sarah has matured a lot these last three years spent away from the ashlloyd team-up that’s why it was so poignant to watch her sing that part of their theme song, “And ain’t it a miracle that you’d take a woman like me to love a man like you” because it’s finally true, she is now a woman.  But apart from that, nothing has changed.

The spark is still there.  Camaraderie?  Friendship?  Chemistry?  I’ll just call it “love” since Sarah kept on saying, “love you Lloydie!”  I just wonder why JL doesn’t say it back.  Siguro kasi baka may malisya na pag sinagot niya. [lol]

I still maintain that it’s so fascinating to watch them when they’re in each others company.  I don’t know why but both of them come alive when they’re together and you could almost feel the electricity pass between them.  I wonder if you could fabricate something like that.  I bet ABS-CBN has created a template from this couple which they use for every “love team” they push in the station.  I am sure they’ve studied the miracle that was created by these two people.  Sometimes I see some of their gestures appear in other partnerships although somehow their actions fall flat when they do it.  I guess it’s because of the personalities involved.

Sarah and JL are so transparent most times that any change can be measured immediately.  Sarah is so proper with other people that’s why you know she puts it up like a wall to keep them at arms length but that wall crashes completely when she’s with JL.  When she’s irritated or angry or happy with him she couldn’t seem to hide it.  The same goes with JL.  He’s very pleasant to other people and somehow you interpret it as boredom or disinterest.  But not when he’s with Sarah.

Ok, ok, I won’t put in too much interpretation to whatever I see.  I respect their privacy so I won’t delve in too much to what they want to keep hidden, 😀  Still, I am glad to see that both of them are very happy right now.  I want to speculate but I’ll try my best to keep those thoughts to myself [lol]  What’s important right now is that part 3 is here and, in the near future, we are promised a sitcom from them.

Want to go to the block screening of ITAMAAW?  Visit –> Ashlloyd Website for more information and if you want to give your support.

I hope we could watch the movie together.  Nothing beats shared happiness.  I have decided to watch this movie more than once…I hope you would too :D.


“She buried her face in his shoulder. And while the truth still scared her, being in his arms made her feel like the sea finding its shore, like a traveler returning after a long, hard, distant trip– finally returning home.”
Lauren Kate, Fallen


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