It Takes a Man and a Woman Takes Our Breath Away

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Any Baldik would tell you they waited for at least 4 years for even just a glimpse of the teaser of the third installment of Sarah and John Lloyd’s movie together and since I’m a self-confessed one, I admit I breathe the same longing as each hopeful “baliw na adik”.  These last few days were heaven for me–a series of revelations slowly unfolding before my very eyes, showing tiny glimpses into the mysterious air that emanate from between these two individuals who swear they are not a couple but curious enough exudes marital bliss [haha].

So they happen to be promoting a movie–It Takes a Man and a Woman, and there are no questions about it that I would watch it.  It is after all a Cathy Garcia-Molina and Carmi Raymundo partnership.  That alone is reason enough to see it and if you add the team-up of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz into the mixture, you know it wouldn’t be anything but a box office hit.

Quite plainly I was antsy.  I was anxious I wouldn’t be able to watch it on the first day.  So I’ve been thinking how I could solve it ahead of time.  I opened my computer to and left it there the whole time, refreshing the page once in a while hoping the screening date would finally appear in one of my clicks.  Tuesday they opened the page for reservation and after booking a ticket, my anxiety somehow eased–but not really [adik nga].

Very early today, I nagged everyone coming with me to move fast else I would leave them behind [power tripping :D], they were after all making fun of my paranoia that a lot of people would watch it,  and by 9:45am we’re already parked in Trinoma.  There was a vibrating buzz in the air and I knew that almost everyone outside the still closed gates had one thing on their minds–to be the first one to stand in line.  Guess what, when we reached the ticketing area the place was already filled with crowds of milling people and a line that almost reached Timezone.  I was vindicated.


Sorry, I will not send out spoilers.  It wouldn’t do anybody any good if I did.  Let’s just say no eye in that cinema was left dry.  Tears poured from our eyes either by reason of intense laughter or heartfelt sadness.  I will definitely watch it again –for the story, for the memorable lines, for the “kilig”, for Sarah and John Lloyd, for Zoila and Friends and for the lesson that it teaches to everyone who has an ear.

Later, maybe after the third time I watched it [adik talaga], I would say what I thought of the movie.  What I can say right now, though, is that my love for these two lovely people, grew leaps and bounds and I believe you will feel the same way too.

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