Disclaimer:  All fiction.  Any similarities are mere coincidences.  This was written for entertainment and not for financial profit.

Chapter 1

It’s time.

She’s been looking outside her bedroom window for half an hour now, her attention completely enraptured by the sight of her dogs romping in the yard.  It’s been awhile since she’d taken the time to play with them and she’s fraught with guilt every time she passes by their eager faces and expectant wriggling bodies knowing she had to ignore them yet again.  Her schedule has been in shambles not allowing her time to think much less spend even a few moments with her pets.

“Ate, ito na ba yung last?”

Her head turned to the young man standing just inside her open door, momentarily confused by his query.

She panned her eyes around her almost empty bedroom and felt a sudden tide of sadness engulf her.  She looked back at her younger brother and smiled feebly, “Oo, yan na yung huli.  Itong mga ito eh iiwan ko na lang dito,” waving to the beddings still left in disarray on her bed.

Gab frowned at her, bothered by her sister’s gloomy demeanor.  He walked towards her and affectionately hooked his arm around her drooping shoulders.

“Huwag ka na lang kaya umalis,” he suggested eagerly as if the idea just popped up in his head, watching her face for any kind of reaction.

Sarah suddenly straightened up and growled, yes she definitely growled he decided, and scowled, roughly elbowing her brother in the ribs, glaring at him warningly.

“Aray,” Gab yelped exaggeratedly, falling on the bed, grabbing at his mercilessly assaulted side.  “Si Ate talaga oh, nagbibiro lang naman ako eh,” pouting at his unrepentant sister.

Sarah rolled her eyes up and walked across the room towards the opened box she’s been filling up for the past hour, taping the lid shut and writing “BEDROOM” at both ends of the cardboard box.

“Oh ayan, dalahin mo na nga yan sa sasakyan,” she instructed impatiently, still annoyed at her brother’s unwelcome joke.

Gab suddenly laughed out loud as he jumped up from the bed, turning his back from his irritated sister, hiding the big grin plastered on his face, as he dutifully picked up the box from the floor knowing he successfully managed to exasperate her older sister as all younger brothers are known to do.

Sarah collapsed on the bed as soon as her brother left the room, and welcomed the memories that came flooding back that led to this day.


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