The Heirs MV

So I still have a hangover from ‘The Heirs’ and, like many of their fans, I have been filling my Wednesdays and Thursdays reading blogs and watching FAN made videos.

And on that note, I want to share a video I discovered made by Gallug, who, strangely enough, used a music not included in ‘The Heirs’ OST but has become so appropriate it would seem like it was made for it.  I loved the duet and the song itself so I decided to put in a subtitle [both in Romanization and English] to appreciate the video better.  Music by Sung Si Kyung & IU entitled “It’s You.”  A very sad song if you listen to it.

*Just turn on the caption at the lower right if you want to view the lyrics or if you want to sing along with it [haha].

[original by Gallug


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