Dear faithful readers who continue to come to my humble blog, I just want to say sorry for not updating my stories that I have left hanging in here [BCWMH and Ashlloyd stories] most especially since I promised I would follow up on it.  I still would in a week or two.

At the moment I’m having a bit of a romance with the K-pop world of Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye and I am having a great time discovering new things [cultural rewiring of brain from western to eastern and learning of vocabs: where terms such as “chingu”, “daebak” and “heol” have become part of my daily self-expression]  that I once thought funny and trivial for the thinking man [it’s still is, I guess] for me to put my time into it[snob much?].  Haha.  I never taught I’d ever stumble into this unknown and foreign “ship” where it’s a little bit [a lot!] frustrating since you are at the mercy of translators and passion-motivated in-depth personal research for any news about them.

Ever the geek, I even taught myself Hangeul[ the Korean alphabet] and some common Korean words to get by.  I’m never one to go half measures, no dipping of toes in the waters.  Dangerous, I am sure.  It’s like setting yourself up for a heartbreak.  But, love is love [haha].  So, I can now read their text and could even understand a little bit [chogeum] of their conversations.

I am quite in over my head with this k-pop thing though and I think I need saving! [haha]  I eat, speak, sing, and think Korean nowadays and I don’t think it’s healthy [ya’ think?].  I expect to be out of this in a couple of weeks though [hopefully] since ‘The Heirs” had its final run last December.

For the meantime, “Sail on, Kpoppers[?]” [obviously some things will forever be lost in translation].

또봐요 Boayo.  See you again later.


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